Q?What cost am I responsable for as a condominium owner?
  • Property tax on your unit
  • Electricity
  • Cable & telephone
  • Insurance on your property value and contents
  • Condo fees (explaines above)
Q?What are the condominium fees?

Condo fees are  Condominium charged monthly and they are not for profit.  The fees are intended to pay for the daily maintenance, like snow removal, lawn maintenance, and to create a reserve to accumulate money to pay for future repairs to the building such as roof repairs, parking lot repairs, etc.  Condo fees are estimated $1.50 per square meter at present time.

Q?How far is the Condo fron Panama city and long does it takes to get there?

The Condo is 130km from Panama city and it takes 1h45min to get there by car

Q?Is there an international airport near the Condo?

There is an international airport intended for chárter flights

Q?Which are the nearest Hospitals?
  • San Fernando Hospital in Coronado, +507 305-6300 / ER +507 305-6305
  • Hospital Aquilino Tejeira in Penonomé, +507 997-9386
Q?What are nearest the shopping optins near the Condo?

Ocean Mall, is located in the entrance from the highway to the Condo, you will find    mostly everything you can need including Supermarket, Bank, Pharmacy amongs others.

Q?What are the Golf options near the Condo
  • Buenaventura
  • Decameron
  • Bijao
  • Coronado
Q?Can I rent my condominium when absent?

You may rent your condo if you wish

Q?Are Pets permitted?

Yes for owners only. Renting, pets not allowed; hereunder repeated for your information is the bylaw that will be in effect upon registration of the Condo Association Declaration:

No Pets or Animals (referred to herein as Pet or Pets) shall be kept or maintained in or about the condominium property, except as permitted herein and subject to the following terms and conditions:

No Pets shall be permitted or maintained on the common elements.  Pets in common elements are strictly prohibited, except for purposes of ingress or egress and shall always  be leashed;

  • Pets must not be curbed near the building, walkways, shrubbery, gardens or any other public space.  Pets must be walked off the condominium property;
  • Owners shall assume full responsibility for any damage to persons or property caused by their Pet;
  • The right to maintain a Pet is subject to the conditions herein set forth and is in the nature of a conditional license and is subject to revocation and termination at any time by the Board of Directors if such Pet is either vicious or is other wise a nuisance, or upon the failure of an Owner to comply with the Rules and Regulations of the Condominium Corporation pertaining to Pets